Warehouse Automation

Sure Sort

Smart, streamlined, scalable order sortation.

Efficient Item Sorting. Eliminating Bottlenecks.

Whether replenishing store inventory or picking direct-to-consumer orders, today’s ever-changing retail environments demand highly efficient and agile order fulfillment solutions.

Batch and wave picking have greatly improved the effectiveness of picking operations by reducing workers’ travel time and increasing throughput. However, picked items must still be sorted to individual orders or replenishments. Because of the various sizes and shapes of the products that make up an order, sorting these individual items efficiently remains the bottleneck. 

High Scalability. Smart Automation.

Sure Sort is a highly scalable, configurable and cost-effective small item robotic sorting system that easily handles complex variables and delivers a wide variety of parcels and single items to their final location in a single pass. 

Sure Sort’s smart automation is based on proven iBOT® delivery technology, directed by Sure Sort's host software in conjunction with virtually any warehouse automation management system.  Sure Sort provides the greatest number of sort locations in the smallest footprint, and is highly scalable in both size and throughput.  Simply add expansion modules and iBOTs to adjust to growth and peaks in demand.


Key Features

Sort Location Configuration

Containers can be configured in 4", 7" and 12" (10.16 cm, 17.78 cm and 30.48 cm) deep based on customer requirements.

OPEX Scan Tunnel

Items are scanned from eight directions capturing the data from every barcode on the item or package.

iBOT Technology

iBOTs are multi-directional intelligent wireless vehicles that can effectively transport the smallest of items and inventory up to five pounds. iBOTs are energy efficient recharging as they cycle through the system.

LED Pack-to-Light

Configurable LED Pack-to-Light system notifies workers when orders are completed or additional actions are required.

WMS Integration

Sure Sort integrates easily with existing WMS systems to exchange item status and data for inventory tracking and order verification.





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