TICK, TOCK… Every Second Counts When Scanning

TICK, TOCK… Every Second Counts When Scanning

There, I said it.

Your scanner is either too fast, or you don’t have enough preppers. That’s why it sits there waiting for work.

 Having the fastest commercial document scanner on the market doesn’t really tell the whole story. If we only looked at the scanner’s ability to scan documents quickly, we might surmise that a scanner twice as fast would be twice as beneficial. Makes sense, right? Not so fast! (Pun intended!)


You’ve heard it many times - the devil is in the details. And in the case of document scanning…the devil is document prep.

Document prep refers to that “necessary process” of making paper documents ready to run through a scanner. Take a look on the old InterWeb at the plethora of instructional videos and PDFs touting the importance of prepping your documents properly.  They all detail the steps involved in prepping a banker’s box full of folders and archived records of one type or another.

Years ago, we identified over 20 different types of prep activities that may occur while documents are being prepared for scanning. For example: Picture a prepper sitting close to a photocopier, surrounded by rolls and rolls of Scotch tape, with blank 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper and patch sheets in hand.

Thus begins the tedious process of removing staples and paperclips, taping torn documents, photocopying delicate or raggedy pages, securing small or odd shaped pages onto larger ones, unfolding and removing creases from pages, inserting document separators, etc. In addition to these steps, there are a number of other activities dedicated to making the paper easier to feed into a high-speed scanner.

This time-consuming and monotonous process has been widely accepted as the cost of doing business.

We’ve heard directly from our customers time and again who verify these industry reports that document prep labor accounts for upwards of 70% of the cost of document scanning. Heck, even our competitors have had to concede what we’ve been saying for years: Prep kills profits.


So, let’s say you are looking at one of those high-priced 6000 DPH (documents per hour) scanners. It doesn’t really matter that it is marketed as the “fastest commercial document scanner;” it matters how long that scanner operator has to wait for the work to be prepped.

It matters how many hours of front-end labor is required to feed the beast. We have found on average that a great prepper can prep a box of files and documents between 750 and 1000 docs per hour. Some preppers are better, some, well…not so much. Efficient document scanning operations, it should be noted, have squeezed as much time as they can out of the process by eliminating a second here, a couple of seconds there. In a box of 2,500 to 3,000 documents, those seconds can really add up, and we applaud the effort.

However, what if it were possible to cut out even more time from the prep process? What if you could prep and scan in half the time it takes you to prep? What if you could eliminate photocopying a torn document? What if you didn’t have to tape small documents to full page sheets? What if the file folder could be scanned with the resulting image including the important tab information from the folder? What if you could scan that wrinkled or creased document with no shadowing on the image? What if you could prep and scan in 2 hours 30 minutes that which you would typically spend 4 hours prepping?


OPEX focuses on combining steps and eliminating as much prep as possible. This results in a cumulative gain to your overall process. We deal with paper as it is presented, right out of the file folder. We have designed our scanners to deal directly with the root cause of your prep problem, thus making our solution the fastest commercial document scanning process

We have found that our scanners significantly reduce labor-intensive document prep and increase efficiency in your operation. In some cases, we have seen a 300% to 400% increase in productivity.
The OPEX Falcon Series of Scanners handles a wide range of media and offer a more secure way to capture documents in a timely manner. Our document scanning workstations provide for additional business opportunities and the flexibility to:

• Identify and aggressively bid projects with more challenging paper, or more recurring-revenue transactional work (we have thousands of scanners in the field capturing transactional documents);

• Decrease prep headcount, or increase output using the same number of people; and

• Increase your profit margin.

Now that makes sense.