Imaging and Capture: The First Steps to Unlocking Your Data

 Advanced imaging and document management solutions are key to helping companies take their data to the next level.

In the modern business environment, data is currency. 

Information has become an asset that is just as valuable as intellectual property, capital equipment, or real estate for many enterprises. Despite the transition to digital business processes across industries, much vital data is still locked up in paper documents. Advanced imaging and document management systems are crucial to unlocking that data so that the enterprise system can benefit; but only if the imaging process takes a next-level approach to data capture.
Imaging and document management solutions aren’t just expected to collect pretty images and metadata these days; they must perform a variety of critical data management and analysis tasks that can help enable digital processes across the enterprise. Digital transformation initiatives rely on these capabilities, as they allow companies to convert paper documents into both digital information and actionable business insights.
Those requirements include:
  • reading document-based information,
  • separating and classifying documents during the imaging process,
  • extracting relevant information from those documents,
  • validating that information and
  • pushing the data to enterprise systems.
 Intelligent image capture and document management software includes the features required to meet these challenges, while also improving operational performance and process transparency. More importantly, these solutions make it possible to process all business data — whether it arrived digitally or in paper form – and then integrate that data seamlessly into a single information stream. This eliminates information silos and makes it easier to automate more workflows because the need to physically handle those documents to read and interpret them is eliminated.

Document imaging initiatives should look beyond simple data capture when it comes to potential operational benefits.

Data captured from the influx of paper in organizations only has value as it is integrated with digital information and then analyzed and shared across the entire enterprise.
All of that said, scanning and capture are still the first steps in your organization’s digital transformation.

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